Structure of the Holding

The holding company GRF was founded in 2010, in order to merge several dozens of companies owned by Guntis Rāvis into one group of companies. The holding company has a multi-level structure, and is generally formed of 87 companies (subsidiaries), which have been named GRIF. The most significant subsidiaries are listed in the table.
Name Shareholding Amount of shareholding Type of activity
Name GRIF 1 Shareholding SIA Skonto Būve Type of activity Construction and designing

Skonto Būve is one of the leading construction companies in Latvia and plays a significant role in the development of infrastructure on a national scale.

Skonto Būve performs construction and design works, designs bridges, roads, and building structures, offers architecture design and planning of a wide range of engineering infrastructure, and provides all services required for the commissioning of objects.

Skonto Būve has been operating in the market since 1995 and during these years we have been able to use our professionalism and experience to make our contribution to the creation of objects that are important to Latvia and its people. Skonto Būve is also the largest taxpayer in the construction sector.

The owners of Skonto Būve Ltd. are Latvian businessmen Guntis Rāvis and Ivars Millers.

Name GRIF 2 Shareholding SIA Skonto Plan Ltd. Type of activity Construction and manufacturing

Skonto Plan Ltd. is a modern building material producer with the high quality standards and responsible environmental policy and was founded in 1992.

Company offers an extensive range of products, such as aluminium – glass constructions, unitised facades, skylights, structural glazing, steel structures and rain screen cladding.

Main services include engineering, manufacturing, well – considered logistics management and a complete assembly package.

Skonto Plan Ltd. has implemented a number of various public, residential and industrial projects in Eastern and Western Europe.

During the years of our development Skonto Plan has been investing in modern technologies making the products environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Skonto Plan´s factory is located in Tukums just 80 kilometres from the Latvian capital of Riga. All the key transport hubs are with an easy reach therefor company can guaranty timely and swift deliveries.

Name GRIF 4 Shareholding SIA Roadeks Type of activity Road construction

“Rodeks” Ltd. is a private construction company, founded in 1997. The main lines of activities are road and street construction works, as well as water supply and sewerage network construction and repairs. In addition to these directions, the company also carries out street and road maintenance and repair works. Company’s customers include both municipalities and public authorities, as well as companies and private individuals. The company operates throughout the territory of Latvia.

Name GRIF 5 Shareholding SIA Baltijas Būvnieks Type of activity Construction

The basic activities of “Baltijas Būvnieks” Ltd. are electrical installation works and the design of external and internal power supply. The company has carried out electrical installation works in apartment blocks, reconstructed historical objects, office buildings and public objects.

Name GRIF 7 Shareholding SIA Aģentūra DK Type of activity Consulting, project management, Real estate

The basic activities of “Aģentūra DK” Ltd. is project management and consulting services of various profiles.

Name GRIF 8 Shareholding SIA Baltā kāpa Type of activity Real estate

“Baltā Kāpa” Ltd., the company founded in 2008, engages in real-estate project implementation and management of the real-estate belonging to the company.

Name GRIF 10 Shareholding SIA Ģertrūdes centrs Type of activity Real estate

“Ģertrūdes centrs” Ltd. was founded in the year 2000 with an aim to implement real-estate projects. Currently the company manages three buildings in the centre of Riga – 9 Skolas Street, 10 Ģertrūdes Street and 12 Ģertrūdes Street, as well as a parcel of land at 7 Skolas Street.

Name GRIF 11 Shareholding SIA Dzirnavu 37 Type of activity Real estate

The company was founded in 1992 with an aim to manage a building, which is located in Riga, 37 Dzirnavu Street. Up to this day Ltd. “Dzirnavu 37” has been managing its office premises and apartments.

Name GRIF 14 Shareholding SIA Projektu Attīstības Aģentūra Type of activity Investment and innovation projects

The company Ltd. “Projektu Attīstības aģentūra” was founded in 2006. The basic activities are real-estate management and administration. For several years the company has managed real-estate in Riga, S. Eizenšteina Street, where the Bikernieki race track and karting hall is located.

Name GRIF 16 Shareholding SIA Būvinženieru konsultāciju birojs Type of activity Designing

Owing to its employers’ multi-year long designing experience, Construction Engineering Consultations, Ltd., have started its business at undertaking significant constructions designs since 1999.

Within fourteen years, through dynamic progress and by raising its output five times, Construction Engineering Consultations, Ltd. has become one of the leading companies in Latvia in construction designing, which has accumulated huge experience in the design of cast in situ structures. As a result of an increasing demand, the company introduced a branch of steel constructions.

Our goal is to satisfy our customer with the most adequate design product using optimized building costs for Latvian and foreign projects, and ensuring conclusion of works in defined terms.

BKB is the member of “Latvian Association of windows and doors” and for some projects have used financing from European Social Foundation (ESF).

Name GRIF 17 and GRIF 18 Shareholding SIA Skonto Prefab Type of activity Construction and manufacturing

SKONTO PREFAB was founded in 2002 by five leading Latvian construction companies and in 2010 was acquired by holding company GRF and it is now one of enterprises of Skonto group. SKONTO PREFAB not only manufactures wide range of concrete products but also does full scope of design works and assembly services on site. SKONTO PREFAB manufactures prefabricated concrete products such as hollow core slabs, filigree slabs and massive slabs, sandwich and massive wall elements, balconies, stairs, different kind of columns and beams. Over the past three years, the company successfully expanded its business in the Scandinavian countries, and currently 95% of its production is exported to Sweden and Norway.

Name GRIF 23 Shareholding SIA Latvijas Energoceltnieks Type of activity Construction and manufacturing

Ltd.“Latvijas Energoceltnieks” provides professional and high-quality services, provides high-quality service and operates according to strict professionalism criteria.

LTD. “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” is a company with 20 years’ experience in energetics, communications and construction in both Latvia and abroad.

Currently LTD. “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” is one of the leading construction companies in the Baltics, having strengthened its market positions in fields such as construction, energetics, communication systems, radar manufacturing and infrastructure development.

Name GRIF 24 Shareholding SIA Ķīpsala 3 Type of activity Real estate
Name GRIF 26 Shareholding SIA Dzintaru parks Type of activity Real estate
Name GRIF 27 Shareholding SIA Skonto Enterprises Type of activity Construction and manufacturing

Skonto Enterprises is an export company within the Skonto enterprises construction group and is responsible for the international expansion of the company by representing the aluminium-glass constructions producer, Skonto Plan, and the prefabricated concrete producer, Skonto Prefab, in Scandinavia and Western Europe.

With subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and Germany, Skonto Enterprises operates in many fields and provides a full scope of building services; these include engineering, manufacturing, well-considered logistics management and a complete assembly package.

Experience and resources allow the company to offer optimal design solutions that combine prefabricated concrete and aluminium – glazed constructions within one project.

During the last three years, Skonto Enterprises completed more than 70 projects abroad.

Name GRIF 31 Shareholding SIA Dārzu pasaule Type of activity Real estate
Name GRIF 33 Shareholding SIA Cross Timber Systems Type of activity Construction and manufacturing

Ltd. “Cross Timber Systems” manufactures large, cross laminated timbers for multi-storeyed construction. These panels are a sustainable, ecological and high added value wood product, which competes with the traditional construction materials – concrete and metal constructions, by proving to have great fire resistance and seismic resistance. Cross Timber Systems is the first, full-scale CLT factory in the Baltics and in Scandinavia.

Name GRIF 34 Shareholding SIA Forta Medical Type of activity Construction and manufacturing

FORTA MEDICAL Ltd. specialises in modular construction technology, which features advanced off-site building methods offering healthcare facilities in a fast–track construction solutions with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation. Modular construction is a process that constructs a building off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designed to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities.

Name GRIF 35 Shareholding SIA FORTA MODULAR Type of activity Construction and manufacturing
Name GRIF 36 Shareholding SIA Ķīpsalas dārzs Type of activity Real estate